Youle Families: Mainly of the Sheffield, Yorkshire Region

The derivation of the name Youle is generally accepted to be from Yule time, namely one born at Christmas, an alternative derivation is from yellow as in Youlgreave (Dby) meaning yellow grove.

With such a derivation one might expect to see the name occurring throughout England, fairly uniformly. However, it seems, to me, that this has not occured and that the Youle heartland is South Yorkshire.

The name has existed in many variants including Youle, Yool, Yule, Ewell, Youl, Yoll etc. It seem, from my observations, that the name stabilised to Youle in Yorkshire, the form Yule having been adopted in the London area. No doubt there are many exceptions to these generalisations.

The earliest recorded occurrences of the name, in England, from the 1379 Poll Tax, are:-

  • Robertus YOULE - Thrybergh
  • Willelmus YOULE- Thrybergh
  • Isabella YOLL - Burghwallis
  • Johannes YOLL - Burghwallis
  • Alicia YOOL - Burghwallis

Thrybergh is 3 miles N.N.E of Rotherham
Burghwallis is about 14 miles N.N.E of Rotherham

Rotherham itself being some 6 miles E.N.E of Sheffield.

Below are the various Youle families I have researched and unscrambled. The data is presented as an outline hierarchies, with successive generation indented to the right.

For ease of maintanance I have broken the various separate threads into their own html files. These threads I have so far been unable to relate to any other thread, although such linkage, should the missing information be found, can be expected.

The constructs here should not be considered to be absolutely correct. At various points there are uncertainties and ambiguities, which may have resulted in errors. However, the constructs are the best that I have been able to produce from the available information.

Youle Families in Outline

Youle families researched include:-

  • Sheffield Branch circa 1550-1650 earliest Thomas

    This branch seems to have disappeared from Sheffield mid 1600's, having failed succesively in the male lines. A possible line moved to Hull via Jonas (1624-70) and may have survived there.

  • Chesterfield Branch circa 1580-1700 earliest Helen

  • Sheffield & Handsworth Branch 1656-1850 earliest Matthew

    This branch repopulated the Youle's in Sheffield. They appeared (origin so far unfound) in Sheffield in the 1650s, moved for a while to Handsworth then re-established the Youle line in Sheffield, to the present day.

  • Aston Branch circa 1765- present earliest Matthew

  • Braithwell Branch Youle circa 1580-1650 earliest Ricardi

  • Derby Branch circa 1605-1680 earliest Thomas Youle

  • Attercliffe Branch circa 1700-1850 earliest Thomas

  • Hatfield/Stainsforth/Wormesley branch circa 1660-1800 earliest Richard

    This branch is notable for the migration of two families to the US circa 1851

  • Waleswood Branch circa 1600-1660 earliest Jervis

  • Sowthal (Beighton) Branch 1660 -1800 earliest William

  • Holme Upon Spalding Moor Branch circa 1735-Present earliest William

  • Silkstone Branch circa 1700-1850 earliest Joseph

  • London Branch circa 1800 earliest William

  • Eyam Youles

  • Misterton, Notts Branch

  • Newark, Notts Branch

  • Crowle, Branch

  • Some Strays

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