" " " " " " Gleadless Road looking down Foster Road"

Explore the image map, above. The names of the linked images should be displayed in the bottom bar of the window as you move the cursor over the image. Clicking the mouse button, while the file name is displayed should then call up the corresponding image in a seperate window.

I hope that you enjoy Virtual Heeley. This has been assmbled from a Hodge Podge of photos, some good some indifferent. The photos have been sourced from a number of places, but maily from the resources of the Sheffield Library and publications of the Heeley History Workshop.

I trust that the use of these photos does not infringe heavily on copyright issues, where possible I have used links to on-line images, rather than take copies; if it does I trust the owners accept the sprit of the site, to make the resource freely available for the enjoyment of all.

I would be pleased to read your comments and if you have any additonal photos I could use of the Heeley streetscape, I would welcome further contributions, or replacements for the poorer quality photos.

Last modified on: Tuesday, 11 February 2003