Nether Edge Grammar School:Teachers

List of Teachers
Mr "Punch" Richardson Headmaster ( - 35) WelbournePhysics, left 1936
Lawrenceca 1931Stephensonca 1931
Mr Phippsca 1931 PTRobinson?ca 1931
Mr. Harry E. "Jogger" CookeGeography Master Apl 27
Second Master, Jan 36
H. Wray, (Pop)Art& woodwork, died 1936.
Mr Harold Smith M.A. (Sheffield)
Article by(PDF)
Senior English Master Apl 27
Headmaster Sep. 35
Last year 50-51
died early 1950s
Mr (Jack) Kellyfrom Tyneside, jun. Maths, jun. Chemistry, PT, pre WW2
Albert Hill B.A. (Lond) Sept 27 - Senior Mod. Languages Sep 33
Second Master Jan 53
Deputy Head Master & Head Modern Language Dept. Oct 56 Head Brincliffe Grammar, Retired late 1960s
Died in his retirement home
north of Scarbrough.
Elizabeth J Dimelow B.A, (Birm)Temp Asst., Sept 44
Last year 46
George W Wilkinson, M.Sc (Lond)
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Senior Maths, Sep 33-
Second Master Sept 1, 45
Head Jan 53
Head Abbeydale Grammar,
Retired Jan 1962, to Whitby
Chief Examiner N.U.J.M.B.
Died in Hotel room in London
Ursula M Pudney B.A, (Oxon)Part time Asst Jan 43,
temp full-time Sept 43
Temp Asst, NEGS May 44
Mr Freddy Potts B.Sc (Lond) ChemistryMaster Apl. 27
Senior Chem. Master Sep 35 Head Chem Dept 56
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Alfred ,W. "Claud" Rayns B.A. (Lond) Geography Master Sept 45
Head Geography Dept. Oct 56
Transfered to Abbeydale
Leonard Buchan M.A. (Sheffield) English Master Sept. 29,
Senior English Master Jan 36

Transfered to Abbeydale
Fanny Price B.A. (L'pool)Frensh & History Mistress Oct 45
Last year 1946 died suddenly in 1948 whilst teaching at Rochdale.
Mr Charles Nicholas "Buz" Scorer B.Sc. (Durham) Senior Physics Master Apl. 37,
Deputy Head Abbeydale Grammar
Retired 1968 died 13 May 1995
Margaret de V Galloway M.A. (Aberdeen)Temp English & History Mistress Oct 45
Last year 1946
Mr. Thomas "Gus" Platt B.A. (Lond) History Master Sep 28
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr. William Atkinson B.Sc (Durham)Temp Asst Nov 26 45 Chemistry
Science & PT Master Nov 26, 45.
Last year 49-50
Mr Edwin J.. Bell B.Sc (Sheffield) Maths ,Elem Schools Aug 20,
Form Master Sept 29
Last year 52-53 or 53-54
Stanley R. Gibbs B.A. (Oxon)English Master Apl 30th, 46
Last year 50-51
Mr. Francis "Chur" Chambers B.A. (Oxon) Scripture app. Jan 21
transfered NEGS Sep 29
Last year 50-51
Mr. Charles A. Sellars B.A. Birmingham Jan 28, 46, Geography Master, NEGS April 30, 46
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Osmond Robertshaw B.A. (Leeds) German Master Sep 29
War service Aug 1, 41
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr. Joe Fielding M.A. (Oxon) English & Games Jan 47
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr. Frank Holdsworth B.A. (Lond)French, & Latin Sep 31
Transfered to Abbeydale
Ronald Bee B.Sc. (Sheffield)Temp Maths Master Jan 48 (only)
Mr Thomas M. "Paddy" Kershaw M.A. (Durham) English Master Sept 31
Interest in cricket
Last year 47-48.
Went to a post in
Bernard Atkin B.Sc. (Sheffield)Maths Master Sept 48
Last year 50-51
Mr Charlie F. Simpson B.A. (Lond)French Master Sept 31
War service Sep 11, 41.
Served in the Army WW2
Returned to school for 47
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Arthur Nightingale B.Sc (Sheffield)Temp. Physics & P.T Master Sept 9th 49
Chemistry & P.T. Master Sept 9th 49
Last year 52-53 or 53-54
Eric J. "Fudge" Whitehead M.A. (Cantab)Maths. Master Sep 33
Left between 43-45
Mr Norman J Jepson B.A. (Man) History and English Sept 50
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr.Leonard P "Puff" Cook B.A. (Lond)French & German Master Jan 34
Transfered to Abbeydale
Philip E Marshall B.A. (Man)English Master Sept 50
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Edward J. Strauss M.A. (Sheffield)French &English,
Form Master Sep 35
Last year (42-45)
Mr Kenneth D. Ramsbottom (Westminster & Kings Coll.) Scripture Master Sept 51
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Leonard W Clish B.A. (Cantab) Form Master Jan 36
Physics ( junior to Scorer)
War Service June 11th 42 Last year 1947
Mr. Andrew Walker B.Sc (Sheffield) Maths Master Sept 51
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Ernest . Whaley B.Sc (Sheffield)Science Master Sept 41
(from Primary Schools) & P.T.
Transfered to Abbeydale
Mr Peter G. Spinks B.Sc. (Sheffield)
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Temp General Science Master, Sept 50, perm., Maths Sept 51
Deputy Head Brincliffe Grammar 58
Moved to Teachers Training College Totley
after 6 years at Brincliffe
retired as Acting Principal in 1981.
Mr. C. H. Biltcliff C.H.C, F.R.C.O. Part Time Music teacher Apl 27
last year 55-56
Mr. Sensicle H Boole B.Sc.Maths & Physics Sept. 1952
Brincliffe Grammar (1958- )
Mr Henry F Parsons (Exeter T.C.)Art & Craft Apl 38 Mr Vincent Cooper B.A. (London) Physical Education Sept 52
Transfered to Abbeydale
Jean K. Leslie (Miss) M.A. (Edinburgh)Visiting Mistress for French & German, Oct 20th 41 "Tom" Thomas Burton Rigby B.Sc. (Birmingham) 31-35 Senior Mathematics Sept 56
Transfered to Abbeydale Took over from Laurie Arden
died 2002
George Linstead, B.Sc (Lond)Temp Asst. Sept 1, 42 (from Elementary Schools) John Mann M.A. (Csmbridge) 36-39Chemistry Master Jan 56
Transfered to Abbeydale
Alan Morris B.A. (Sheffield)Temp Asst. Sept 42 Mr A H Palmer Chemistry, (about 52 to 54)
No record
Mrs Isabella M. Scott M.A. (Edin) Maths Temp. Asst Feb 44
Last year 46
Mr A ArdenMaths (and chess), (53 to 56)
No record
took over from G. Wilkinson
when George appointed HM
Mr. Philpotts Physics John Cooksonmusic
took over from Biltcliffe
Miss Dear Secretary ca 11931Faith M BrearleyClerical Assistant, July 41, NEGS Nov 11 46

Details of teacher's qualifications and service dates courtesy Sheffield City Council: Education

Nether Edge Teachers 1952
Teachers 1958
Nether Edge Teachers autographs
Back row, Sellars. Boole, Marshall, Fielding, Spinks, Ramsbottom, Jepson, Mann, Parsons
Middle Row- Rigby, Rayns, Cookson , Walker,Cook, Simpson, Whaley, Cooper
Front row - Robertshaw, Buchan, Holdsworth,Miss Brearley, Wilkinson, Hill, Potts, Scorer, Platts
Nether Edge Teachers circa 1947:
Legend numbered from left rear
Nether Edge Teachers 1958
courtesy Dave Corbett

Class 5P 1959
Teachers NEGS, 1950
Courtesy Peter Spinks
Brincliffe Grammar Teachers 1959
Courtesy Ewart North

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