Nether Edge Grammar School:
The School Buildings

school planThe School comprised several buildings, the Main Block, Gym & Science Block and the Art/Craft Block.

Nether Edge Grammar Main Block The Main Block, was a "L" shaped building which fronted onto Union Road. The front section was a two story stone building, originally built as the Offices for the Guardians of the Ecclesall Bierlow Union, which was located on the opposite side of the road. Running back from this original building was a single story extension, the prime element of which was the Assemby Hall. See the adjacent plan for the latest revision to the floor plan of the school, see also a discussion relating to the development of this plan and issues arising.

On entering the main doors at the front of the building, something the boys were not permited to do, on ones right was the school office, with a corridor, leading to the Headmaster's office, and a classroom at the front, and the book store sandwiched between two class rooms on the other side of the corridor. Returning to the front door on the left was the broad staircase leading to the second story, and a corridor leading of the the left. Down this corridor was the Library and staff toilets on one side (front) and a classroom on the other.

Directly in front of the main doors was the short corridor, leading to the extension and Assemby Hall. traversing clockwise from the entrance to the Hall, was on the left a small dias for the staff, use during assembly, then on the left hand side, the bot's entrance. clakroom and second entrance. At the far end was the music room, and one or two classrooms for the 5th or lower sixth forms. Whilst on the right hand side were two classrooms for the upper sixth(?) and doubling as prefects room.

Upstairs? was the staff room, at the front on the left, all the rest of the floor were all class rooms, ranged on both sides of the corridor which ran the width of the building.

On the north side of the main block, was a two-level playground, during WWII an Aire Raid Shelter was erected in the upper playground.

Across the playgrounds was the two story Art and woodwork shop, housed in what was probably the original stables. The Art room was upstairs reach by an external iron staircase, and the workshop on the ground floor. At the back on the grounds were the outside toilets.

Nether Edge Grammar Main Block

The Gym and Science Block was located across Union Road. In what had been a lodge, waiting room and dormatory for the Ecclesall Union. The waiting room was a single story building, which became the Gym and dinner room, the store, at the entrance became a change room. Access to the Science Labs was through the building and round to the right, and up the stairs to the second floor. The Chemistry Lab was on the end towards the Gym and the Physics Lab at the other end. On the ground floor, the rooms either side of the stairs were a chemistry store and a Biology Lab, respectively. At either end of the building were class rooms.

Science Block

Behind the building were the kitchens, which produced the school diners served in the Gym/dining room, and the bike sheds.

Main Block, side view

In the later years, circa 1950 prefabricated classrooms were erected in the garden, on the side of the school away from the playground. And even later (mid 50s?) a shower block was built adjacent to the cloakrooms
Nether Edge Grammar Sports Field

The School sports ground was at Springfield Road, Carter Knowle. Sports afternoon entailed a walk across Brincliffe Fields, to get to the grounds. At the ground there was a pavilion, two? football pitches, track facilities, tennis courts and on a lower level, down the hill, further football/cricket pitches.
Heeley Baths

Other facilites used by the school. were the Heeley Baths, for swimming lessons.
Victoria Hall

And the Victoria Hall, Norfolk St, for the annual Speech Day,

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