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A true life Story of a Yorkshire family's migration to a new life, in the country at Gracemere, Queensland


     This is the life of Harry Elmar Johnson born in Nunburnholme, Yorkshire, England.

    His father Henry and mother Ellen (nee Marrison) give a written report of their journey to Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia on the ship "Dacca" in 1887. Henry also tells of the trials of settling into a new country with his young family. He died in 1907 at the age of 55 years

    There is also a recommendation from Londesborough Rectory, Market Weighton for Henry & Ellen to produce to a future employer for when they applied for work in Queensland.

    Elmar's mother Ellen gave birth, in Yorkshire, to eleven babies and only five had survived see family tree. Six months after arriving in Australia she gave birth to a healthy son. Later she also had her first surviving daughter. They faced many hardships during their life.

     Harry Elmar Johnson (known as Elmar) wrote for years about his daily life in this new country and he was a avid photographer, leaving many glass plates, prints and negatives, for the current generation.

     These daily diaries make great reading as it tells of the hard life these people experienced. He tells of the style of life in those early years from 1907 until 1952

    Just sit back, relax and enjoy

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